EJA Lamp /Tariff:853921 Origin:Japan

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These are specifically for Biomedx microscope's Fiberoptic Lightsource, Lumina Series. This light box has the appropriate bulb angle mount to use this lamp. The EJA lamps have same voltage/wattage as an EKE lamp but are 10% brighter and have life expectancy of 40 hours if used continually at maximum brightness. These lamps are more specifically for dark field microscope applications as they are very bright. Any other light box must be designed for this lamp, see your equipment user manual to know if yours will accept this lamp.

Not all EKE/EJA lamps are the same. These are made in Japan, not China.

We have found these to perform better, last longer, & be brighter than other mfg lamps.

21V, 150 Watts.

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