Blood & Consciousness


Peering into the microscope and looking at live blood, you can see a reflection of cause and effect. When you’re not feeling well, your blood doesn’t look good. Often, the worse you feel, the worse it looks. When you get better, the blood also gets  looking better. Simple correlation. Make the blood look better, you’ll feel better. Clean the blood, clean your health.

But something else is going on. When you feel better, often your attitude is also better. Your state of mental health is closely aligned with your state of physical health. Change physical health, and you’ll often impact mental health. The reverse also holds; change the mental, and you’ll change the physical. Where is it often reflected? In the blood.

Change your blood, and you’ll change your consciousness.
Change your consciousness, and you’ll change your blood.

Our blood holds elements – the vibrational imprint – of who we are. It contains the signature of our soul. As the bible says, “The Life is in the Blood”. Stories abound that correlate these truths.

I recall someone asking at a seminar if anyone had ever had a blood transfusion and then felt different afterwards. One gentleman said he had had a few transfusions and he definitely knew it when he had received his sister’s blood because while in the hospital he had the urge to get up and start cleaning. He also knew it when he got his brother-in-law’s blood because all he felt like doing was sitting around and watching TV.

A humorous story maybe, but it holds some truth. In Australia, stories are told of the aboriginal people donating blood as urban life encroaches upon their territory. When normal white folk would get this blood during a transfusion, some have been known to wake up in the middle of the night sweating and grabbing the sides of their beds as they experienced night dreams beyond any they’ve ever had before.

Similar stories are told of individuals who have had organ transplants. Having never liked certain foods, or doing certain things, or being proficient at specific tasks, they would suddenly find themselves after the transplant with cravings for food they hate and abilities they never before possessed.

Why? The tissues of the body are fed by blood, which contains the vibrational imprint of who we are.

Get someone else’s blood or other organ tissue, and you have to assimilate their imprint and remake it your own. Like a giant human organic tape recorder, over time you erase their message with your own. When people have problems with transfusions and organ transplants, part of the problem lies in the vibrational makeup of both the donor and donee.

In time, modern medicine may get around to understanding this, and they will discover how to electromagnetically and/or in other ways erase the donor’s imprint on blood and organ tissue. About that time maybe they’ll also understand more about the microbial forms in the blood and how blood may need to be assessed and treated at our blood banks.

As you get deeper into this work and
research its topics, a new way of looking at
health will undoubtedly begin to unfold for you.

Along the way, as you hear anecdotal stories of seemingly miracle cures using these ideas, you may begin to think of the placebo effect. Scientists have studied the power of the placebo and have seen explicitly that…

you can make it so, if you think it so.

And what has been said of thoughts?
Thoughts are things, thoughts have power.

You are what you think. And what is a thought? It’s a vibration of your mental self, behind which lies, who you really are; soul. And that is where the state of your health really begins. And it pushes down from there. It is a process that unfolds very simply, very beautifully.

The State of Your Individual Health is
Spiritually/Vibrationally Induced,
Chemically/Electrically Driven,
& Biologically Carried Out.

The biological aspect is the pleomorphic behavior of “the wiggly things” in the blood. These are the microbial looking elemental forms that exist in your blood and will shape themselves according to your metabolic balance. Their forms, and ultimately their function, are going to be driven and decided by the environment in which they live, and  which you have provided through your eating, thinking, and living.

Whatever your current metabolic condition, the internal microbes or “bugs” will co-exist with you and will be in perfect balance (for them), whatever the environment you provide. Unfortunately, that can be very UNbalancing for you. To get healthy, you must balance your internal environment, and UNbalance the bugs.

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