What’s Happening in the World

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I like to put something in about health that may not be talked about much, and I also like to reference every now and then the political situation in health care. Well, there is so much happening that I find it difficult to know where to start.

So let me just start with what is happening in the United States – specifically with Obamacare or what is proposed to be the new health care legislation of our congress.

As you know, and certainly if you are in the natural or “alternative” health care business you do know, this legislation has nothing to do with health care at all. It is a power play, it is a money game, it is a control enactment (did you know the provisions are being laid in this bill to move closer to getting everyone embedded with a “chip”?)

Of course if you have been paying attention to our history you know that just about every bill that congress puts out is about money, control and power. As your representatives in congress no longer represent you, what is your alternative? Acquiesce to their dictates?

I say no.

There are maybe two ways to stop our civil servants from their corrupt ways. I’ll talk about one now, I’ll reserve the other for a future commentary. The first way is to hold government servants to the chains of the constitution. Is this possible? I’m not sure it is anymore.

Let’s see, since the ink dried on that document, our civil servants have been pushing the envelope to circumvent its bounds at every opportunity. And the people? Seems we have turned over any responsibility to knowing the law to lawyers.

What a grand mistake. The law profession has become so pitiful in its training of young lawyers to be and so corrupt in its operation afterwards that we are now at the brink of collapse on many fronts due directly to this influence.

Those we have entrusted to keep to truth, justice and the American way have failed miserably. I recently read a phrase referring to the Department of Justice as really being the Department of “just us”.

So what about health care? Those we have entrusted to do the right thing in understanding and fixing our health have sold out to other interests.

Now if you are sick, you get what they’ve got to give you and what that is often has more to do with moving product through a pipeline than fixing what ails you. Dare challenge that system and the lawyers in the department of “just us” will put you in your place.

And what about farming? That which provides the most basic necessity of life. There too, we have allowed government operations, created by laws written by lawyers, protected by “just us”, to dictate farming policy. Farmers have turned over their smarts to corporate agendas and now we get frankenfood on our tables for dinner.

Ladies and gentleman, we have lost our foundation on so many levels in so many ways I can barely keep track.

Imagine you are climbing a pole and the further you get up the pole and away from the foundation the scarier it gets. When the wind blows you are pushed one way then another. With every bend one way then the other you get further and further out and it gets more scary with each perturbation.

In engineering terms there is something called positive feedback wherein the perturbations become so wild the system is not able to recover. And it breaks.

As we move forward from here, strap yourself in, things are going to get wilder. Make no mistake, America is in positive feedback mode.

The Benefit of Government Health Care

Maybe not much.

A week or so ago I was talking to a practitioner who told me her business is booming. Many people coming in wanting to get healthy. Why? They were universally fearing the passage of Obama’s health care agenda and they wanted to get healthy so they could hopefully avoid being subjected to it in the future.

So, how’s this for a marketing idea…

Do you FEAR Obama care?
We have the solution.
Get healthy so you never have to experience it.

What will you give them?


Knowledge of how to fix themselves and be healthy.

One of my objectives with this work has been to move people into “thinking” about the physics of the body and what is going on at the very small level of anions and cations and charge.

Understanding as much as one can at this level makes it possible to begin sorting through the broader shortcomings that are popular in today’s “alternative” health arena. Some of the big ones of course are telling someone they are “too acid” which we know is a meaningless concept without context.

Another big one in the microscope world is telling someone they have a degree of “endobiosis” which is antiquated terminology of an idea born of early research that has been shown to be in error.

Nevertheless, perhaps it was because a German individual proposed the theory and there seems to be some mystique of what has been called “German biological medicine”, that some concepts just seem to keep on going.

Sometimes that has benefits, sometimes not. Old ideas get reborn in new minds and repackaged for delivery as if it is the latest and greatest.

I had a practitioner tell me that if I wanted to really learn the German “biological” approach, I had to make it like a religion. Well, I don’t cater much to dogma. I like verifiable facts. If something works, or doesn’t work, I want to know why on a verifiable level.

Flow Systems Auditing is about verification. It is about measuring your client and allowing your client to measure you as a practitioner. If what you’re doing doesn’t measure up, your fired. Donald Trump would be proud.

This is accountability. Is this type of accountability going to happen in government run healthcare?

At some point you can stop laughing.

For now we’ve got serious work in front of us.

Be different. Take action.


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